Q: What is Cals-List?

A: Cals-List is a new travel directory that launched in 2019. We help travelers find lodging, dining, transportation, landmarks, and activities without spending hours wading through thousands of reviews and advertisements. We believe there are many existing travel sites that provide a wealth of information and reviews, but that many travelers just want to find a quick list of things to do, places to stay, and places to eat. Cals-List only links to the official websites of both travel suppliers and landmarks, so travelers can be assured they are not being routed through an agency or middle-man.

Q: How do I use Cals-List

A: Click here to watch our video that explains how to navigate Cals-List.            

Q: Why should I list on this site?

A: We link directly to the websites of our travel supplier partners and major landmarks without collecting any commissions or booking fees.  Our site's traffic will continue to build over time giving your link more and more opportunity.  To keep it simple for our users, we do limit the number of listings in each category.

Q: What do you list?

A: We list anything in our current categories. Some listings are paid (It's how we keep the doors open). We do not list links to other directories, travel agencies, review sites, etc. All our links are direct to the official site of the listed supplier.

Q: How much traffic do you get?

A: We're a brand new directory in 2019.  We're rapidly expanding and will be promoting Cals-List all around the world on travel blogs, in the media, as well as paid advertising. 

Q: Do you rank results?

A: No. The best restaurant in a given city might be a steakhouse for one person, and a vegan falafel bar for another.  Most major cities have MANY wonderful hotels, and location might be more important than a slight difference in amenities. We do our best to list only places where travelers have overwhelming positive experiences. We also limit the number of listings in some categories to keep Cals-List easy to navigate for travelers.